Divers Bijoux 9 is out !!

With, in average, 2 Playlists per year, this 9th opus “Divers Bijoux” is finally out, after 6 months and a lot of listened albums. This compilation is quite eclectic.

download the (illegal arg..) compressed archives

commented Playlist :

Relaxing music:

  • Saint Preux – Adagio Pour Trompette – Danielle Licari: trumpet music
  • Vincenzo Bellini – Casta Diva: famous opera
  • Craig Armstrong – Laura’s theme: piano ballade
  • Lemon Jelly – His Majesty King Raam mix: charming song to wake up (good album “lemonjelly.ky”)
  • Marvin Pontiac -Small Car ” , “Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Prowler” from the very good Nova compilation “In Bed With Nova, première nuit”


  • JayLib/Quasimoto/Madlib: guy with multiple pseudos I’ve discovered due to my gang’s brother Remi ;-). Diversified songsc with a good beat. I only chose two tracks from the album “The Further Adventures Of Lord”: “greenery” and “Don’t blind”.
  • Passi – “Le monde est à moi and “Hip hop crazy” from the album “Les tentations”(97). Just a nostalgia from one of my favorite french hiphop albums
  • AUdio bullys – “we don’t care” and “Keep moving on” from the good album (Ego war)


  • Vitalic – French electro group . Two tracks from the album “ok cowboy” with “polkamatic just”, minimalist polka electro music and “Poney, Part 1” more common but good house/electro music.
  • Cassius – French electro group too. I hesitated among several tracks: “I have Feeling for you”, “La Mouche”,”Casius 1999″, “The violence of the sound”, “Hi Water”,”Rêves”, “toop, toop” etc.. I put into the compilation only the last three ones. So if you like, try to pick up the others.
  • Damian Lazarus – a french again. (too many french guys 😉 I discovered him with his compilation “Crosstown rebels prs. rebel futurism” session 1 and 2. A lot of very good musics: “Peter -All together”, “Ame – Nia”, “le dust sucker – mandate my ass”, “jahcoozi – fish (team natascha mix)”. As usual I chose only two of them: “Petter – All together” : Trance/Ambiance/Electro song and “le dust sucker – mandate my ass”: house music
  • digitalism-zdarlight : I didn’t hesite to cut the useless and long beginning of the music to have only the best.
  • Justice vs. Simian – Never be alone: from the double CD album “Back To Mine – Pet Shop Boys” rocky/punky electro with ambience CD and a more Electro CD.some good songs mixing 80s style and electro (“Flirt – Passion, Mr. Flagio – Take a chance”, Savage – Don’t cry tonight”)


  • Duke Elligton – “ad lib on nippon”: one of my preferred jazz songs. difficult to find.


  • John Lennon – “God” and “9 Dream”. Maybe my favorite rock artist. Nothing to say, you just have to listen the songs. I’ve discovered the song “God” recently: Not very famous but reflect his critic view about religion after the mystic period of the 60’s.
  • Ange, apparently The french progressive Rock group from the 70s (I didn’t know this group…). rocky & poetic songs with a special atmosphere(fantastic/middle age).I haven’t listened all the songs of Ange, just few songs of them. It’s refreshing from my usual Electro/HipHop listenings. I’ve chosen only 2 songs but there are other good musics. “Ode à Emile”: one of the most famous song of the group. “Il est Cinq Heures Paris S’éveille”: an original remake of a popular french song,
  • Martin Circus – “Je m’éclate au Sénégal” – my favorite song of Martin Circus. Remember me a time with my friend Remi.
  • Bernard Fanning-Wish You Well: from my trip in Australia 2005/2006, banal pop music, remember me Sydney
  • Bedouin SoundClash – When the night feels my song: from my trip in Australia 2005/2006, an english pop/rock group, remember me TOMO and the surf spirit.
  • Karpatt – le fil” from the album “Artiste de la piste”. melancolic french song.

Dance / Club:

  • bob_sinclar love_generation: famous song, from my tip in Australia 2005/2006
  • Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine – doctor pressure


  • Tri yann, a french celtic group. it’s not a discovery , just a nostalgia. “Chanson à boire:” Remember me a time and some parties (Michael,Jef,..) in my flat (Mazet) in Paris.