A repository to store software components useful for Interaction Learning Environments

Although there are numerous research works in France about e-learning environments with a great quality, their visibility is rather weak. This is due to the difficulty to construct operational environment, with enough development to be experimented in the real world. The problem is that one need to develop a lot of complementary software in order to test a tool. Very often, these tools exist somewhere, but without being referenced. To avoid this shortcoming, these tools must be described and indexed in a repository, or in a set of distributed repositories. In this paper, we present the design and the implementation of such a repository, dedicated to components for designing e-learning environments. We also propose a metadata schema to describe them, inspired of existing schema such LOM, but with some complements, due to the fact that there are software components.

Issam Rebaï, Nicolas Maisonneuve, JM Labat (2005); Entrepôt pour rechercher des composants logiciels en EIAH; Journal STICEF (French Journal on E-Learning), Volume 12, accepted;