Trekking around the Toblerone

Here is the first part of my journey, a trekking with two friends of mine around the Matterhorn montaign in Switzerland (or Mont du Cervin in french). The one drawn on the package of the Toblerone Chocolate. A short trip of 1 week, enough for our no sportive bodies.. (hein mickael 🙂

The itinerary

Agrandir le plan

Photos (Thanks to Fab for the photos and the few retouchs 🙂

Anecdote: (a similar story that the one happened to me during an Australia trekking with my friend Remi): The two soles of Fab’s shoes broke at the middle of the trekking (in the montain, 2000/3000 meters and no supermarket thereabouts). String, sticking plaster , etc.. were used to fix it , but without a real success… Fab ended up the trek in using beach shoes 🙂 .. well done dude