My little experience of the recruitment 2.0 ..or 1.1?

A lot of people think recruitment 2.0 is the use of new tools and notably new media to recruit people (e.g. social network sites). This is certainly true. But the major contribution of the web2.0 phenomena is the democratization of the media: everyone can now express his or her opinion and, the most important, be heard by everyone. Testing this property in the recruitment context it’s opening the door to people who couldn’t express themselves before: the candidates. If there is a 2.0 revolution in the recruitment or HR field, I think this aspect should play an important role.


Because I’m seeking a new job since January, I did a little experimentation 1 month ago to test this property and see the HR people’s reaction, notably those who seemed to be “recruitment 2.0” aware. The goal was to inverse the job market: if we accept companies publish into job boards advertisings to seek the ideal candidate, we should also accept that candidates publish advertisings to seek ideal companies, and not just put a resume as usual (Of course that works if the current job market is in favor of the candidate). So I published a post in a french facebook group dedicated to “recrutement 2.0” with a job board. In this post I described who I was , what I could bring to the company and, the most important part, what will be the ideal job and ideal company/environment: real innovation culture, multidisciplinary view of the problems/innovation, diversified&international team, located near Paris, ideally linking IT sector with another sector (e.g. design/art, entertainment/game, urbanism). I asked a lot, I know .. but the companies do the same thing.


After 1 month without any response, I deleted the post thinking it could be perceived negatively. I was a little disappointed. I don’t understand why any comment, any email despite of a growing market (and compared to the traditional ways that are working much better). I though it might be viewed as an original thing. Maybe I was too picky in my description, maybe recruiters didn’t used to read job boards because of the asymmetric nature of its offer. maybe it’s my profile, or maybe they found this approach a little too proud and pointless, which was clearly not my spirit. I don’t know. I’ve tried and that’s the main point.