About me

me and my niece 2011

Dad, researcher, engineer, sometime entrepreneur, sometime at the interface of artistic initiatives I am a computer scientist exploring & enjoying horizontality, plurisdicplinary approaches by taking inspiration or collaborating with other domains.

(looking for job opportunities in Paris from November / December 2012)

Current interests

  • Collective Problem solving, Collective intelligence, Crowdsourcing, Social Web
  • Gamification/Participatory design, Education/learning based design, Empowerment
  • Machine Learning, Datamining
  • Physical world / Sustainability , Sensor, Mobile, Arduino

Pluridisciplinary Walk in the expending Univers of Computer Science

My original background started in Computer Science and especially Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, artificial life). I worked on different related projects (e.g. robotics, search engine, multi-agent systems) in different labs in France.

University of Sydney, Australia

Then I decided to move to real intelligence: people. In 2005/2006 I joined the University of Sydney as research assistant, working on E-learning and social computing to integrate social aspects and datamining technics to understand how students work/collaborate together (discovering good/bad practices) in the digital world and use it as a reflexive tool to improve their behavior.

INSEAD campus near the Fontainebleau Forest, France

Back to France I joined the Institut europeen d’administration des affaires (INSEAD) as research associate in 2007, a fresh air outside pure computer science world. I joined a EU research project working on collective attention management & attention economy in the digital world. An emerging concern for the XXI century.

Playground for the Aibo at SONY CSL

I then moved to the SONY Computer science laboratory, an interdisciplinary lab with an artistic culture, as associate researcher in the Sustainability group. I led a research project investigating a new participatory sensing infrastructure to empower the public in the management of the commons in the physical world, extending my view with environmental, geographical and policy perspectives. (e.g. I developed noisetube.net, a successful participatory platform to monitor and map noise pollution using mobile phones as sensors). I also managed the Sony’s part of a EU research project on Social Tagging in online communities.

me near a detector of the Large Hadron Collider, CERN

To continue this scope of research on social computing and collective intelligence, I worked in a new program, the Citizen CyberScience Centre, a parternship between the CERN, UNITAR and University of Geneva. Collaborating with UN staff, my goal was to investigate different crowdsourcing models to better understand how to organise the massive participation of non-experts in the analysis of satellite imagery (e.g. damage assessment after a humanitarian crisis) to collectively get high quality data.

CSIC Institute of Public Goods and Policies, Madrid, Spain

To change of field without really changing, I recently won a short visit grant (2012) from European Science Foundation to work in the economics field at CSIC Institute of Public Goods and Policies. My idea was to improve the reliability of metrics to assess innovation in EU, especially tackle the “Name Game” issue by exploring a crowdsourcing approach. the experiment is still running.

Canal Saint Martin, Paris, my new office

I’m currently working as visiting research engineer in a Paris/San francisco based startup Fanzy, exploring gamification & engagement mixed with Big data analytics for a Facebook App. Meanwhile I joined a 6-week course on Gamification given by Kevin Werbach from a product/marketing perspective (how to integrate game elements in a process to encourage certain behaviors) that I completed successfully.

workshop at the design school ENSAD (aka ‘Art Deco’) apr 2012

I try to maintain a link with artists to work at the interface between art/design & computer science (with researchers from ENSAD/Paris8) with a set of projects in the physical world (e.g. random GPS, PotentialCity, the documentary film ‘Cyborg in the myst’, perceptual maps) and talks/workshops (e.g. Synesthésie atelier, 1-month workshop at ENSAD)

launch of Ariane5 at French Spatial Centre, Kourou, French Guyana

My experience is not purely academic or related to research. I also had the chance to have eclectic experiences when I was student: internship in the field of Aerospace in 2000 at the French Spatial Centre (Kourou, French Guiana) watching one of the first launches of Ariane 5 (wonderful!) to the field of Construction on a mablework for several months as part of a student entreprise in my engineer school.

As entrepreneur I was the co-founder of ‘aucine.com’ in 2000/2001, one of the first VOD service in France with a catalog of 500 movies and a digital right management, a teaser in Flash for each movie (remember we were in 2000). While the technology developed was great, investors quite interested, the marker was not enough mature and the dot.com bubble was just right at the corner. In 2005 some friends from a business school and me launched of healthcare web service called ‘mondoc.fr’ for patients & doctors to facilitate the management of appointments via SMS and Internet. We won 2 awards but the project was aborded because we both did not have time to really focus on it.

Writing / Academic publications

Here is a list of academic publications written when I am in an environment open to academic productions (See my Google Scholar profile. You can find some posts about more personal projects on this blog.

  • Organizational behavior / Crowdsourcing / GIS
    Maisonneuve N, Chopard B (2012) Crowdsourcing Satellite analysis: study of parallel and iterative models”, GIScience 2012, Columbus, Ohio, USA. paper here
  • Sustainability / Participatory Sensing
  • Maisonneuve N, Stevens S. and Ochab B. (2010)Participatory noise pollution monitoring using mobile phones. Information Polity Journal. more publications on the noisetube.net project here
  • N. Maisonneuve et al. (2009) « NoiseTube: Measuring and mapping noise pollution with mobile phones”. International Symposium on Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering.
  • I. Krontiris and N. Maisonneuve, (2011) Participatory Sensing: The Tension Between Social Translucence and Privacy, ” Book chapter in Trustworthy Internet, ,pp. 159“170.
  • Social computing
  • Passant, A., Mulvany, I., Mika, P., Maisonneuve, N., Loeser, A., Cattuto, C. and Bizer, C (2008) « Mining for Social Serendipity. In: Dagstuhl Seminar on Social Web Communities
  • N. Maisonneuve (2007) « Application of a simple visual attention model to the communication overload problem» AMUCE Workshop, 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing.
  • Learning / Attention Economy
  • T. Nabeth, N. Maisonneuve (2009) Managing Attention in the Social Web: The AtGentNet Approach, Book Chapter of human attention in digital environments”, Cambridge Press
  • T. Nabeth, H. Karlsson, A.A. Angehrn, N. Maisonneuve (2008); A Social Network Platform for Vocational Learning in the ITM Worldwide Network; IST Africa 2008, Windhoek, Namibia
  • Teamworking / Datamining
  • J. Kay, N. Maisonneuve, K. Yacef and P. Reimann (2006) « The Big Five and Visualizations of Team Work Activity » Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems.
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    J Kay, N Maisonneuve, K Yacef, P Reimann (2006) « Wattle Tree: What’ll It Tell Us » University of Sydney Technical Report
  • C. Collins, P. Goodyear, J. Kay, N. Maisonneuve, P. Reimann, M. Weinel, and K. Yacef. Adaptive visualisation support for self-managed learning groups, college of science and technology teaching and learning showcase, groupwork poster, 2005


Here is a list of recent interviews in press, speeches in conferences or public events:
Talk at INRIA / ENS (future – 2012)
GISScience Conference (2012)
Citizen CyberScience Summit (2012)
2062- Gaete lyrique (2012),
UNITAR Traning session (2011),
TelecomParisTech (2011),
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (2011),
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (2010),
Synesthesie atelier (2010)
R&D Renault Center – Carrefour des Possibles “mobilites durables” Contest, (2010)
Exhibition in Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial, (2010)
Science Illustrated (DK) – (2010)
France 2 TV, TeleMatin interview (2010)
BBC TV, Click online , February (2010)
NZZ Folio Journal, Wünschelrute mit GPS (in German) (2010)
New Scientist magazine,(2009)
Le Soir Newspaper, Quand le telephone traque le bruit. (2009)
Popular Mechanics magazine (2009)
SONY Open House Lab, Oct. (2009)
Java.net, Did you Mean Lucene, Aug (2005)

Open culture

I contributed a set of open source projects (e.g. n-gram spell-checker of the most popular open source search engine – Lucene). In a previous life I cracked software in a group called ‘French CrackForce 2000’, and was a phreaker. My passion in technology / computer science was transmitted by my dad, enthusiasm, a white hat hacker in electronics in the 70/80s and with who I played Lego a lot! thanks dad 😉

Sometime sculpting Clay (2012)

Sometime just playing (7 floors, Yoohoooo!) (2008)

or hiking with some friends (2009)